Thought for the Day : Wednesday 10 February

Thought for the Day by Toby Parsons (All Hallows’)

Looking out of the window

Over the last year I’ve used some of the time I would’ve spent commuting to simply sit and look quietly out of the window for a few minutes each morning.

We’re fortunate to have some garden space, but it’s not like we have an amazing view out over Nidderdale or a panorama of the city centre skyline. But by doing the same thing each day I’ve grown both to appreciate the familiar and to value the changes.

I often see the same two squirrels scampering along their own fence top commute.  I gradually notice more details in our neighbour’s overgrown garage roof.  I wonder what shape and shade the clouds will take today. And I watch the tree ease through its cycle of bare branches to tentative blossom, full bloom, fiery autumnal orange and back to bare branches. Things are familiar; but things are also changing.

God is eternal and constant.  And yet God also meets us in every different and uncertain part of our lives.

We have varying levels of need for routine. Some of us will hugely appreciate the regular pattern of daily prayer; others will value the diversity of reaching out to God at random times in the day.

But what both approaches need is a little intentional time.  A moment, whether routine or random, to look around and to see how God is with us.

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