Thought for the Day : Friday 12 February

Thought for the Day by Richard Barton (All Hallows’)

Finding God in Headingly and Hyde Park: Love (as evidenced by the Rainbow Junktion Café)!

So Sunday is St Valentine’s Day, patron saint of lovers and the shops are full of pink and red cards with their sentiments from the sappy sentimental to the sordid innuendo! St Valentine was a priest in the third century in Rome and ministered to persecuted Christians.  We are also led to believe that he illegally married men to their sweethearts to enable them to evade conscription into the Roman army, earning his reputation as the lover’s friend.

The Bible, especially the New Testament is obsessed with love, and Jesus also has a lot to say about it, and it gets complicated with different kinds of love and how love behaves or rather how we need to behave if we are filled with love. But luckily for us, Jesus condenses into a very simple instruction. We need to love one another, as he loved us. In other words to love totally, utterly and with sacrifice. Easier said than done of course.

But here is a suggestion. In Hyde Park as pretty much everyone will know, at All Hallows’ Church we have the Rainbow Junktion Café which takes food some of which would be thrown away by supermarkets and other shops and provides hot meals (to take away at the moment) and other food and essential supplies, pay as you feel (or as you are able), three days a week for people who are struggling to buy food, due to poverty or loss of income from the pandemic or other reasons; in the midst of our otherwise wealthy city. Here I would suggest is real love. So maybe ditch the pink and red cards this year and head over to the RJC with a donation of food or supplies (see the wish list!) and/or make a donation of money [for details see] and share the love!

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