Thought for the Day : Friday 19 February

Thought for the Day by Clive Barrett (St Michael’s)

Remember: God knows

‘Come and see a man who told me
everything I have ever done!
He cannot be the Messiah, can he?’

John 4.29 (4.39)

We all have such different experiences of lockdown. Some of us frantically try to keep up a home-schooling operation; others of us have more than enough time to sit and think. Whatever you are facing, how will you remember it in years to come?

“He told me everything I have ever done.”

I’ve thought a lot about “memory” lately.* The start of Lent is a good time for remembering, to look back in a structured way. Why not jot a couple of lines in a notebook every day about one memory from your past? Maybe a big event, a special person, or just how it felt once on some regular day… Maybe it’s one year per day (if you’ve got enough years!), or just as it comes.

It’s important that, each week of Lent, you make sure that most memories you jot down are positive for you. But also, in amongst, be honest enough to acknowledge when you have felt pain, and when you have caused pain. Read it back to yourself in Holy Week, and lay it at the foot of the cross. A window into your life; set before Jesus.

What made the Samaritan woman think that Jesus might be the Christ was that he knew everything about her. God already knows everything about you, things you remember, or want to remember; even those memories you hide from yourself. What’s wonderful is that even knowing you fully, your warts and all, God still loves you, accepts you, invites you.

Dare to remember, this Lent.

“He told me everything I have ever done.”

God knows you.

            God loves you.

God holds you

and heals you;

God calls you…

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