Thought for the Day : Tuesday 4 May

Thought for the Day by Toby Parsons (All Hallows’)

May the fourth be with you

Happy Star Wars Day!

If you’ve been on social media this morning, you’ll probably have seen plenty of May The Fourth greetings already.

But how do you feel about science fiction writing? About novels set in parallel universes? About books based on magic?

We might be uneasy that God isn’t identified in these stories.  Perhaps we worry that God is being replaced by something else.

Looking towards God means accepting there’s something more than our immediate and physical world.  We have to embrace mystery.   We’re called to believe in something that can’t be fully known.  Every Christian has to come to terms with that.  And it can be difficult.  But maybe stories of totally different worlds help open our minds to things we can’t see?

And there are other points we can draw from Star Wars and similar works of fiction.

Could you find a single quote from George Lucas’s work, or even a short passage, that summarised and explained the entire series?

Do you see different things when you watch one of the films for the Nth time?  Do you notice subtleties you missed on the first viewing?

Do inconsistencies in the plots worry you?  Or do you accept that the detail doesn’t always add up, and focus instead on the bigger storyline?

The Bible, that library of books that underpins our faith, poses as many challenges as any sci-fi writing.  And perhaps thinking about how we read and respond to the scriptures is something we can ponder on Star Wars Day.

Because, as a character in a certain set of trilogies might say – sight of God’s bigger picture, we must not lose.

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