Thought for the Day : Wednesday 30 June

Thought for the Day by Katharine Salmon (St Chad’s)

Readings: Romans 15

In this brief passage, Paul tells us something of his plan and pattern of ministry. He tells us of his desire to go to places where the gospel had not been heard. He tells us about his desire to see people converted to Christ who have never heard His name named. He tells us about his desire, not simply to be the one who sees a person make a profession of faith in Christ, but the one who sees a person built up by the Holy Spirit, changed, transformed, growing, a real disciple. He tells the Romans why he wrote to them and why he wrote so boldly and he gives a beautiful estimation what he sees in them in terms of the spirits work in sanctification. Paul is not just describing for us something that has no relevance to other Christians but himself. Paul is sharing with us his designs in ministry and his desires in ministry and his goals in ministry and his pattern in ministry because he wants these things to capture our hearts too. He wants us to think in these terms in the way we relate to one another. He wants us to think in these terms as we view ourselves as disciples in the world who are witnesses to Christ’s love.

This passage reminds me of the words often given to St Francis of Assisi. Preach the Gospel- use words if necessary! We don’t know if St Francis ever said this, but sharing our faith and love in relevant ways is something we can all do.

How do we share our faith with others? Do we give others an answer for the hope we have, even after the last challenging fifteen months?

I love the rainbow as a symbol of hope. In the last month, many Christians have focussed on support and care for the LGBT community in Pride month. In school, this has involved being allies and showing we care for others and we welcome all.

Are we a welcoming church for all? I hope so!


Just to let everyone know that it has been decided by the Clergy Team that we shall have a break from TFTD’s during July and August.

Since the start of the pandemic, our team of about thirty contributors have written an average of one contribution each month, inspiring us with the richness, variety and depth of their insights, experiences, reflections and interpretations of so many passages from scripture, with much thought and prayerful consideration going into each daily offering.  We offer them all our sincere appreciation.

The future of TFTD’s after the summer break will be considered in the light of  any return to normal patterns of worship in our churches and other developments with the pandemic.

We wish everyone a relaxing and fulfilling time over the summer.

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