Sunday Worship 17th October 2021

This morning our worship was led by Heston with help from Ted and Bill. Jan shared with us her thoughts on posture and how we use our bodies in worship.

Here is the poem that was shared during the service:

I saw your face and I was amazed

I saw your face and I was amazed
How could this happen to see your face
I thought you had come from my dreams
I looked at you and my heart was cleaned
I hope so much that you will be mine
I would be there for you and my life will be fine.
My heart is beating every-time I think of you.
I just hope you will be mine to live life through.
You will never worry and have no doubts
My love for you would be the largest amount.
So please say yes when I ask you to be with me
My life will be fulfilled and peacefulness will reach me.
Please say yes to make me happy.

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