Asylum Justice and Release

All Hallows has played a significant part in seeking justice for several people coming to the UK hoping for asylum and who then found themselves held in detention centres.   Members of the church have provided support in all sorts of ways to people seeking safety – in doing so learning  that journeying together is the best way to share God’s love in this situation and that one person cannot do it alone.

We have also learnt that as an asylum seeker it is rarely possible to have someone to stand bail for you once you are in detention, so we at All Hallows started communicating with other faith communities in Leeds about how we could address the huge needs of people seeking safety.  After much work a group has been formed to take this forward. It’s called Asylum Justice and Release (AJAR).   AJAR works with asylum seekers in detention/removal centres and prisons to secure bail in appropriate circumstances and to provide support before and after release.  We do this by bringing together groups of 3 people who can stand bail for an individual in detention and provide friendship and advocacy.

All Hallows continues to help and pray for the people  AJAR seeks to support and several people in the church either work directly or serve on our committee.  We would welcome anyone who would like to join us in this vital area of work!

To hear more about what we do, or if you would like to get involved, or to talk to us about someone in need, our contact details are:

email: AJAR

Phone: 07538 758513

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/asylumjusticeandrelease