There are a number of organisations working in the area to help asylum seekers and refugees. Many of these organisations cover a specialist area and they work together to provide the best service that they can. Funds are often short and these organisations often rely on the help of volunteers so do please help if you can.

  • LASSN – Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network – a registered charity set up in 1999 to respond to the pressing unmet needs of refugees and asylum seekers living in Leeds. Most of whom experience acute isolation, mental health issues, language difficulties and immense uncertainty over their asylum claim. LASSN involves over 200 volunteers providing one to one support to around 700 asylum seekers and refugees and their children. We also provide destitute asylum seekers with the emergency financial support and accommodation they need to survive over the winter months.
  • Leeds City of Sanctuary – All Hallows’ has been a long term supporter of Leeds City of Sanctuary and as such we have promised to help make Leeds a place of safety and welcome for all people. We are part of a growing network of people and organisations right across the city who are united in making our city more welcoming, open and fair for all.
  • Manuel Bravo Project – The Manuel Bravo Project is a charitable organisation which helps asylum seekers who are unable to find adequate legal representation. The Project is volunteer-based with barristers, solicitors, law students and other individuals volunteering their time. We seek to complement our legal advice by referral to and working with other organisations serving asylum seekers.
  • PAFRAS – Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers – PAFRAS works with refugees, asylum seekers and the wider community to counter the effects of enforced destitution on vulnerable migrants. Their work has three main strands: providing immediate humanitarian relief; long term support, advice and advocacy aimed at assisting service users to make lasting improvements to their situations; raising awareness and campaigning locally and nationally on issues affecting their service users.
  • RETAS – The Refugee Education Training Advice Service works to helps everyone seeking refuge in West Yorkshire reach their full potential, by assisting with access to education and training.
  • Solace – Solace is a Leeds’-based charity which provides psychotherapy, complementary therapies and advocacy support  to the survivors of persecution and exile living in the Yorkshire and Humber region, many of whom have been traumatised by torture, rape, the death or disappearance of loved ones and often combinations of all of these and other atrocities.
  • WYDAN – West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network