The Tetley Family

Joshua Tetley was the founder of the Tetley brewery and his only son, Francis William Tetley, took over the running of the brewery and made it a hug success. Francis has connections with All Hallows which we aim to explore. As a start please see the post on our Work Morning.

In the old All Hallows church that was burnt down there was a stained glass window with the following dedication:

All Hallows Church, Leeds – The stained glass window in view was donated by Misses Fanny, Ellen and Emma Tetley of Headingley in memory of their parents Joshua and Hannah Tetley in 1887

Does anyone have a photo of this window?

From the Leodis website:
“The origins of All Hallows Church can be traced back to 1876 when a temporary wooden church building was erected in Hartwell Road. The foundation stone for All Hallows Church was laid in 1885 with the consecration taking place a year later. Both duties were performed by the Bishop of Ripon and the new church was situated between Hyde Park Road and Regent Terrace. View looks over the nave with its wooden pews. Stone pillars supporting archways are visible on either side. In the centre is the chancel with a large stained glass window. Mrs Tetley and her daughters donated the chancel pulpit, font and communion plate in memory of F.W. Tetley. The pulpit is just visible to the left with the eagle lecturn situated to the right. The church was constructed of Meanwood and Potternewton Stone and cost £8,600. The stained glass window in view was also donated by the Tetley family in 1887.”