The Leigh Russell Memorial Panel

On the north wall of the church is a memorial panel, dedicated by the Bishop of Ripon on 17 July 1991 in memory of Leigh Russell, a member of this church from 13 January 1974 to 10 August 1990. The artist is Lucy d’Souza.

The structure of the painting — contemplation leading to action.

The central scene is a mandala inviting us to go on an ‘inward journey’ as we meditate on the Kingdom of God.

The biblical figures presented in the other six scenes can be our guides and companions on our ‘outward journey’ to the poor, the oppressed, and forgotten.

The panel is an example of a “Miserior Lenten Veil” or “Miserior Hunger Cloth”.  Misereor is the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation. The name, “Misereor,” comes from the account of Jesus’ concern for the people who had stayed with him for three days and had nothing to eat: “Misereor super turbam” (Mark 8:2: “I have compassion for the crowd”). Every two years an artist from the Global South designs a Hunger Cloth on the theme of Misereor’s Lenten Campaign. The theme for the 1990 cloth was “Biblical Women – Signposts to the Kingdom of God” and is made up of paintings by the artist Lucy D’Souza, an Indian who now lives in Germany.