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First Stop for the Refugee Family #leedscofeadvent

The family have been given shelter at Tim’s and they’re looking comfortable under the leaves of his houseplant. Soon they’ll have to move on though; their long advent journey has barely begun.

Sunday 4 August – LGBT Liberation Sunday

The first weekend of August, Leeds celebrates LGBT Pride. At All Hallows’ church, we start Pride Sunday by celebrating the gift of diversity in God’s creation, and we would love you to join us!

Our Bible reading is about Jacob wrestling with God. It is a story of struggle and transformation that speaks so well to the experience of many LGBT people of faith.

In our service, we celebrate the gift of LGBT people in our midst, we thank God for the progress that has been made with LGBT liberation in our country and across the world, and we pray for full liberation to come.

10:30am, at All Hallows’ Church.