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Forsythia with a history

Many years ago Jean took a cutting from a forsythia bush in the old vicarage garden and it is now flourishing in this location!

The old vicarage was recently demolished and is being redeveloped by St George’s Crypt into 14 self- contained flats.

This Week 18th – 24th March

Mon 18 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 19 Mar @7:30pm Environment group meeting with St Chad’s and St Michael’s
Tue 19 Mar @7:30-9pm Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Wed 20 Mar @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Wed 20 March @ 6:30-8pm First Aid training
Wed 20 March @ 7.30pm and every Wednesday until 17 April – ‘Broken’ Lent Course – at St Michael’s Headingley Parish Hall
Thu 21 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 22 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 22 Mar @11:30am Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Fri 22 Mar @ 7pm Leeds Tidal Event – Alastair McIntosh: Brexit Peace and Identity
Sat 23 Mar @ 7:45pmHannah James & Toby Kuhn Live At All Hallows
Sun 24 Mar @10.30am Lent Sunday morning worship – What do we VALUE? Valuing people for who they are; reflecting God’s unconditional love
Sun 24 Mar @ 12:30-2:30pm Safeguarding training

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

Leeds Youth Strike 4 Climate Protest

Yesterday pupils and students from All Hallows joined the Leeds Youth Strike 4 Climate protest in the centre of Leeds. Catherine, Charlie and I went along to support them. I estimated at least 2000 young people from babies through to university students plus some slightly older folk like me! The protest was very well organised and peaceful, the young people had been very creative with their banners – there were some very amusing but pointed messages – and they were in fine voice. I thought their message was very clear – we, the older generation who run this world have really screwed the climate up, threatening their future and something needs to be done about it NOW! It’s a shame that the news media weren’t listening properly, so much of their reporting seemed to be about pupils missing lessons, whether it was safe for them to be out protesting or that they were protesting about air pollution in Leeds.

Just to clarify, the students are demanding the following:

  1. The Government declare a climate emergency and prioritise the protection of life on Earth, taking active steps to achieve climate justice.
  2. The national curriculum is reformed to address the ecological crisis as an educational priority.
  3. The Government communicate the severity of the ecological crisis and the necessity to act now to the general public.
  4. The Government recognise that young people have the biggest stake in our future, by incorporating youth views into policy making and bringing the voting age down to 16.

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Sunday 17th March 2019

This Sunday is the second Sunday in Lent and we are really excited that four of our friends are going to be baptised! Baptism has many meanings for different people but some of them are about purification, regeneration, forgiveness, a sign of membership or belonging, initiation, obedience, declaration, new life. You may have your own thoughts that you can share with us or you may not know what you think about baptism – why not come along and find out a bit more?

We will be meeting at 10:30am, our meeting will be led by Heston and Nigel Greenwood will be sharing his thoughts on “What do we value?”

Job Vacancy – All Hallows’ Administrator

All Hallows church is a Christian community in inner-city Leeds, nationally recognised for its inter-faith and inclusion work. With our neighbours, we work for justice, reconciliation and to inspire hope. We share our life and building with all sorts of people and actively seek to bridge divides and build community connections through encounter and collaboration. As we continue to grow, in both congregation numbers and community engagement, we are aware we need an administrator who will be at the centre of the smooth running of our church throughout the week, supporting and receiving support from many others.

The role of administrator at All Hallows church is a new one and therefore will be a developing role as the person appointed works with the church, and specifically the Vicar, Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council (PCC i.e. Trustees) to explore how best to support the church community and those who use All Hallows’ building. The administrator will be line managed by a person nominated by the PCC.

It is strongly recommended that prospective applicants look at the church website https://allhallowsleeds.org/ in order to appreciate and understand the diversity of the church and the community it serves.

Application deadline:             Friday 12 April 2019
Interviews:                               Friday 26 April 2019



This Week 11th – 17th March

Mon 11 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 12 Mar @5-8pm Leeds University Union Culture Cooks with LUU’s ? Association
Tue 12 Mar @7:30-9pm Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Wed 13 Mar @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Wed 13 March @ 7pm PCC meeting
Wed 13 March @ 7.30pm and every Wednesday until 17 April – ‘Broken’ Lent Course – at St Michael’s Headingley Parish Hall
Thu 14 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 15 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 15 Mar @11:30am Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Fri 15 March @ 7pm Rainbow Junktion ‘Bite of the World Bistro’ with Leeds Uni’s Intercultural Ambassadors
Sun 17 Mar @10.30am Lent Sunday morning worship with Holy Baptism – What do we VALUE? Valuing people for who they are; reflecting God’s unconditional love

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

Culture Cooks

All Hallows’ Church and Rainbow Junktion are hosting a series of “Culture Cooks” events and the first one was by the Chinese Society of Leeds University Union on Tuesday 26th February.

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This week we had an Indian Culture Cooks prepared by the Leeds Indian Student Association. Further Culture Cook events are happening over the next three Tuesdays.


Sunday 10th March 2019

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent.

Lent is more than just give up chocolate. Lent can be a profound spiritual adventure.
It’s a time of fasting, praying, penance and charity.
It’s a time when we take a long hard look at ourselves and the ways in which we are not loving God or our neighbour.
It’s a solemn time – but not a depressing time! It can be full of challenge, growth and real closeness to God.

This Sunday we are starting a new series – “What do we value?” and we are very fortunate to have Paul Ayers, the Archdeacon of Leeds, coming to share his thoughts with us.

In case you want to know what an Archdeacon is Wikipedia says “Archdeacons serve the church within a diocese by taking particular responsibility for buildings, including church buildings, the welfare of clergy and their families and the implementation of diocesan policy…” If you want to know more then you will have to ask the Archdeacon over coffee or tea after the service!

A confession for Lent (and the rest of the year!)

The Joy in Enough Confession

Our climate is changing, and we are changing it. We confess our carbon footprints, our failure to consider the consequences of our actions, our slowness to react. We are sorry for all the times we knew the right thing to do, but chose convenience.

Your earth is exploited, and we are complicit in its exploitation. Species are lost, soil erodes, fish stocks decline, resources dwindle. We confess that many of us have taken too much, and not considered the needs of future generations.

We have become consumers. We have turned a blind eye to greed. We confess our hunger for more, and our failure to appreciate what we already have. We live in a time of unparalleled luxury, and we are sorry that we have not been more grateful.

The poor are left behind, even in this age of plenty. Human rights are pushed aside for profit. Wealth accumulates for the rich while the poorest still do not have what they need. We confess our apathy to injustice, and our haste in judging others.

This is not who you made us to be. We have not been good caretakers of your garden Earth. We have not loved our neighbours. Forgive us, creator God.

Forgive us. Renew us. Inspire us.

And in your strength, God, we declare:

  • Enough climate change: help us to take responsibility. Give us the wisdom to live appropriately, the urgency to act, and the courage to make changes. Give us the voice to call for change from our leaders, and the perseverance to keep asking.
  • Enough consumerism: give us what we need, God our provider. Then help us to find satisfaction and contentment. Help us to be grateful and generous.
  • Enough inequality: nobody should be left behind. You care for the poor, and we want to follow your example. Make your church a living example of equity and inclusion, and a powerful advocate for justice and sharing.

We thank you for your kindness and your mercy. We look to your promise of restoration, and we move forward. Give us the strength to speak and to act – not out of guilt or duty, for we are forgiven and we are loved. Instead, we speak and act out of joy:

  • joy in the living hope of knowing you
  • joy in serving each other
  • joy in the beauty and diversity of creation, your gift to us
  • joy in your provision and your care – joy in enough

This Week 4th – 10th March

Mon 25 Feb – Sun 10 Mar Fair Trade Fortnight
Mon 4 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Mon 4 + Tues 5 March @ 7.30pm The Mark Drama at South Parade Baptist Church
Tue 5 Mar @5-8pm Leeds University Union Culture Cooks with LUU’s Indian Student Association
Tue 5 Mar @7:30-9pm Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Wed 6 Mar @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Wed 6 March @ 7.30pm Ash Wednesday Eucharist service and ashing
Thu 7 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 8 Mar @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 8 Mar @11:30am Bible Study at church (0113 2297546 for further info)
Fri 8 March @ 6.30-10pm Three Acres and a Cow – International Women’s Day Special, Old Bridge Street Church, LS2 7QZ
Sat 9 Mar 9:30am-8:30pmSummat 2019
Sun 10 Mar @10.30am Lent Sunday morning worship – “What do we value?” with Archdeacon of Leeds Paul Ayers

See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’