Refugee family on the move again

One of the problems of being a refugee is that you never know if you are going to be able to put your head down in the same place two nights running. Our refugee family spent a night in Meanwood…

… and then found themselves in York

Sometimes a refugee or asylum seeker may be a bit more fortunate (!) and find a scheme like the WYDAN night shelter where they know that they might be able to have 7 nights in one place, or they might be accepted on Grace Hosting and find themselves welcomed into someone’s home for a period of time but they are still not in their own space and they still do not have any control over their future in the same way that we do.

As we approach Christmas and we remember how Jesus was a refugee from Herod let us remember those caught up as refugees and asylum seekers and let us try and find more ways to welcome and support them.

Refugee family spotted in Chapel Allerton!

It is often the case with refugee families that they disappear off the radar for a time and then appear in unexpected places. Who would have thought that the refugee family would turn up in Chapel Allerton! But they have made it to Pippa and Jackie’s. The kings are still on the way, across earth and fire……

This Week 17th – 23rd December

Mon 17 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Tue 18 Dec @7:30-9pm Bible Study at church (07930 815911 for further info)
Wed 19 Dec @12-2pm OWLS lunch
Thu 20 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Fri 21 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
Sun 23 Dec @10.30am All Hallows’  Advent worship
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Sunday 16th December

This Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent and is also known as Gaudete Sunday or Rose Sunday – you can read more on Wikipedia or by using Google. Gaudete is the Latin word for Rejoice, and this Sunday is going to be full of rejoicing as we have an “All Hallows’ has got talent” event and a Sacred Wing concert in the evening. This Sunday’s meeting starts at 10:30am and everyone is welcome to come and rejoice and have fun with us.

Christmas Day Lunch 2018

Tickets for our Christmas Day lunch are now available, further details are on the Rainbow Junktion Facebook page and tickets are available from the EventBrite page.

Please note that this event is a ticket only event. As always we will be using food saved from landfill and be serving on a Pay-As-You-Feel basis (suggested minimum donation is £5 as we are raising money to keep the community cafe all year round) and everybody is welcome.

Lunch will be served after the Church service (10:30am) and you are welcome to join us for the service as well. Vegan and gluten free options will be available but please let us know about any allergies.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of faith or ability to pay. This Christmas Day let’s have a wonderful time together celebrating our differences whilst breaking bread together. Please tell anyone who may be alone or unable to make themselves lunch this Christmas to come along because no one should be hungry on Christmas day.

If you book a ticket and find that you are unable to come please cancel the ticket via EventBrite so that you can free up your space for someone else.

Refugee Family visit Shire Oak Primary

Today the knitted Nativity visited Shire Oak School in Headingley. In assembly they helped the children think about all those who are travelling at this time of year.

Dear God, as we travel through Advent towards Christmas, we think of everyone travelling

  • to loved ones
  • to safety
  • for work
  • to help others.
  • Be with them, and us, in all our journeys.
  • Amen
  • Sacred Wing Concert

    Sacred wing are performing Eternal Light, a Requiem by Howard Goodall in the first half of their concert at All Hallows on Sunday 16th December at 7:30pm. After an interval when mince pies can be enjoyed the second half of the concert will give you the opportunity to sing some of our favourite Christmas Carols.

    This Week 10th – 16th December

    Mon 10 – Sun 16 December WYDAN WEEK Night Shelter – please email Heston to volunteer
    Mon 10 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
    Tue 11 Dec @7:30-9pm Bible Study at church (07930 815911 for further info)
    Wed 12 Dec @12-2pm OWLS lunch
    Thu 13 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
    Fri 14 Dec @11-3 Rainbow Junktion Cafe
    Sat 15 Dec @ 6pm Interfaith Feast! Hosted by Leeds Muslim Youth Forum and Student Christian Movement at All Hallows
    Sun 16 Dec @10.30am All Hallows’ Got Talent! Sunday Advent worship and Christmas talent show
    Sun 16 Dec @12-4pm Messy Christmas at Left Bank
    Sun 16 Dec @4-6pm Sacred Wing in concert – Howard Goodall’s Eternal Light Requiem with Carols and mince pies!
    See our calendar for more details of what is happening at All Hallows’

    Refugee Family – Advent 2018

    They are off again! The Refugee Family are seeking shelter again this Advent around the homes of the All Hallows’ folk.

    This Advent, may God bless us with
    the humility of the shepherds,
    the perseverance of the wise men,
    the joy of the angels,
    the faith of Mary and Joseph,
    and the peace of the Christ child.

    December at All Hallows’