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Refugee Family – Christmas Day

Our nativity family have made it safely to All Hallows in time for Christmas and made lots of new friends on the way. They have met with all sorts of people – from different countries, with different skin colour, of different faiths and none, old, young, rich, poor, motorists, cyclists, walkers, wheel chair users, gay, straight, left and right wing, rockers, folkies and classical music lovers. What a great reminder that God is interested in every single one of us, bald or hairy!

Even if we wear odd socks!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Refugee Family 6

The nativity family and friends made an unexpected visit to the vicarage on Sunday evening. Isn’t that just typical, you have everything planned out, everything is ordered and then something unexpected happens. So typical of refugees, of Jesus, of God!

Refugee Family 5

The refugee family and friends have continued their wanderings and have made a reappearance at the church. They look slightly confused in this picture but then it is easy to be confused if you are a stranger in the land. Customs, language, food, music and even the side of the road that you herd your sheep or ride your camels – all of these things may be different and confusing. It can take years or even a lifetime to begin to feel comfortable with living in a different culture – maybe we need to take that into account as we try to welcome people into our land. Why don’t we celebrate our differences instead of expecting everyone to be like us?

Refugee Family 4

It was a long, hard slog across frosty back gardens for the refugee family, walking from Paul and Catherine’s. (Angelic protection much appreciated.). This got us reflecting on the many homeless refugees out in the cold in our city, let alone across the world.




Can you spot a few “special guests”?

Refugee Family 3

A short musical interlude as the Holy Family and friends discover Handel's Messiah!

A short musical interlude as the Holy Family and friends discover Handel’s Messiah!

Our Nativity Set finds it’s way onto a piano for a night. Music is a huge part of our cultures, Handel’s Messiah is an important piece of music in our lives with Catherine singing it in Leeds Town Hall most years during Advent. It got me wondering about how important music is in making us feel at home and whether Mary, Joseph and Jesus found their time as refugees in Egypt more alien because they may have been far away from their version of Handel’s Messiah.

Paul Magnall

Refugee Family 2

Our Holy Family continue their travels as refugees. They leave the Green pastures and reside with the Besfords where an Angel keeps watch.holy-family-04_sm


Refugee Family 1

We have been celebrating the good news that Sameer, Raja and Mahmoud have all received “leave to remain” in the UK but now that Advent has arrived we have a different refugee family to think about.


The Holy family made there way home to Leeds after a nice restful stay at Witton Castle. The A1 was very busy but they dealt with the heavy lorries well, dodging them and keeping the sheep close in to the fences for safety. Phew what a journey!

Throughout Advent this knitted Holy Family and “friends” will be travelling around the Leeds area seeking refuge in the homes of anyone who cares to look after them for a night or two. This gives us a chance to think about what it means to be a refugee and also to reflect on those special refugees of 2000 years ago.