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Reading through Luke (19)

Today’s reading is chapter 19 of Luke. The chapter starts with the famous story of Zacchaeus and by the end of the chapter we are in the week before Easter.

Reading through Luke (18)

The love of Jesus and the justice he wants for the world is shown again in chapter 18. “Love and justice in abundance for the world” would be a brilliant political slogan, wouldn’t it? 😎

Reading through Luke (16)

Jesus is again very challenging in Luke 16, particularly to the Pharisees and those who think that they live up to the standards but there seems to be something more important than the law, money or standards. What might that be?

Reading through Luke (15)

In chapter 15 what message do you think Jesus is trying to get across when he tells parables of three lost things (if you don’t mind the son being called a thing!)

Reading through Luke (14)

Jesus continues to turn things upside down in Luke 14, his priorities are so different from those of the Pharisees, and of most other people. What does that mean to us as a church and as individuals if we are to follow in His Way?

Reading through Luke (13)

It’s our sabbath today, we are not so strict about working on the sabbath so the story in Luke 13 might not strike home as hard as it did to the audience. Does understanding the background and circumstances of these chapters help you to understand or experience the power of the stories?

Reading through Luke (12)

Chapter 12 – How much more difficult will the teachings of Jesus get for us?

We shouldn’t worry about money or food is one of them! How many other difficult things does Jesus say here? What do you understand by them and how does that make you feel?

Reading through Luke (11)

Almost half way! In this chapter Jesus starts by teaching the disciples how to pray and ends by making even more enemies. Is this how the Christian life is for you?

Reading through Luke (10)

12 become 72 in chapter 10 and we are challenged as to who is our neighbour and how to love them.

Reading through Luke (9)

in Luke 9 we hear how Jesus sends out his apprentices, sorry – apostles, out into the towns and villages. You’ll have to read what happens next! But when they do come back Jesus has even more challenging things to say. 

What is the most challenging thing you have read so far?

What has been the most difficult thing to understand? Has anyone been able to help you understand it?