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Ruth’s birthday

It was Ruth’s birthday so James planned a party, picnic and barbeque in the church gardens. Every one had a great time, especially the children (and James!)

ruth1 ruth2

Eucharistic interruption

distraction2There was a rival attraction during the Eucharist today when the children noticed a fox with her cubs playing in our terrace garden.

Sunday, a very different service


A very different layout this morning with a circle of chairs rather than rows. There were leaves and rocks under the chairs.To add to the suprise some amazing workshops. Craft making creative paper flowers and adding a prayer which was unusual. In the kitchen a very busy chef helping bake some delicious shaped biscuits, the children were in their element and flour everywhere. How good was that? A quiet area to simply meditate and reflect, we never seem to have the time to do this so I took the opportunity and felt my batteries had been charged. The children were so excited with the atmosphere and physically jumping for joy. The best however, was the singing with actions and all adults delighted in behaving like kids. Bending like teapots not Beckham! What!!!!!

It only leaves me to say well done to those who took so much time in preparing such a fun and different Church service. Please can we have more?


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(Apologies for the quality of the photos!)

God is our shepherd

Here are some photos from last Sunday where in Kids Church we learnt more about how God is our shepherd – how he feeds us, guides us and looks after us when things are scary. We made some very cute fluffy sheep, the idea for which was found on – ewetube!

sheep1 sheep2

I’m a bluebell!

After church today we had a shared lunch and then a group of us went for a walk in Gledhow Valley Woods to look at the fantastic bluebells. Here is a photo of some of us trying to be a bluebell!


Children’s Church

The young people were asked what they liked about Children’s Church. Here are some of their answers.

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