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Last Friday saw the first opening day of the new “The Real Junk Food Cafe @ All Hallows’ Cafe” – a bit of a mouthful to start off with! It was a great success and you can read all about the cafe and follow it’s progress on

The cafe will be open every Friday between 10am and 4pm to start off with. It’s aims include

  • reducing food waste by using “intercepted” food from food outlets such as supermarkets and other cafes
  • preparing good meals for people who otherwise might not get a decent meal
  • to make this food available on a PAYF (Pay As You Feel) basis. This means you decide what you think the meal is worth or that you can afford and this doesn’t necessarily mean paying for your food using money, you could volunteer your time and skills or provide items needed by the cafe or the community.

This is a really exciting development for the AH Community Project and we hope that many of you will be able to support it by visiting the cafe.


A (sort of) retirement

Today we celebrated the amazing work of Sonia and Iris over the years as part of the Community Project and as stalwarts of the “Cafe Crew”.

The cake below was made by the amazing Elaine. Look at the incredible detail! Can you spot the cups of tea, the beans or the marigolds? What else can you spot and how does it fit the story of Sonia and Iris?

If you have memories or comments about Sonia and Iris and the work that they have done do please add them here!

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