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Sunday Worship 4 April 2021 – Easter Sunday

Easter Fire and Eucharist

Alleluia Christ is risen! a service of the first light of Easter
We believe in a bright and amazing God,
who decorates the universe
with sparkling water, bright light,
twinkling stars and brilliant colours,
again and again and again;
who has been to the depths of despair
on our behalf;
who has risen in splendour and majesty.
We believe that Jesus is the light of the world;
that God believes in us, and trusts us,
even though we make the same mistakes
over and over again.
We commit ourselves to Jesus,
to one another as brothers and sisters,
and to the Maker’s business in the world.
God said: Let there be light. May we be the light of the world. Amen!

Singing the Good Friday Blues: a service of lament

Our Good Friday service this year was called “Singing the Good Friday Blues” and took the form of a lament, you can find the service sheet here

Holy Week and Easter at All Hallows

Here are the ways we’ll share worship this special week

Maundy Thursday 7.30pm

‘Cyber Seder’ from the Vicarage on AH Facebook live

We’ll talk and pray through the symbols of Jesus’ Last Supper. Helpful if you can get your hands on: bread/crackers, wine, egg, salt water, horseradish, parsley, sweet chutney, lettuce, lamb/yam ☺

Good Friday 7.30pm

Singing the Good Friday Blues: a service of lament on AH Facebook live 

Helpful to have at hand: the service sheet, a candle, a Bible with bookmarks at Psalm 13, 22 and 46, writing paper and pen, drawing paper and pens/paints, a space big enough to  kneel or lie down or even dance ☺

Easter Sunday – Alleluia Christ is Risen!

6.15am Easter Fire and Eucharist (at church- fully booked!)

10.30am Livestream Eucharist on AH facebook live (service sheet here)

2pm Easter egg hunt! meeting at Burley Park bandstand

Sundays from 11 April until 21 June

9am Eucharist in church- limited numbers so please book in (NB!) at this link:

10.30am Livestream Eucharist on AH facebook live

Easter Sunday Live from All Hallows’ Vicarage

We celebrate the Risen Christ in a service streamed from the vicarage. Though we are many isolated we are all one body!

Happy Easter from everyone at All Hallows’

As a scattered community in isolation we wish you all a very Happy Easter and may the Risen Christ bring you His new life and joy in this time of darkness.

Good Friday Reflections

Reflection on Good Friday by isolated members of All Hallows’ Church. Reflections start after about 2.5 minutes

Maundy Thursday 2020 – Symbols of the Last Supper

In our Maundy Thursday service we were unable to sit around a table together so Heston shared with us remotely the symbols of the Last Supper and some of the deeper meanings that so easily passes us by.

Easter Sunday 2019

Easter Sunday morning started early for some with a sunrise service at St Michael’s Church in Headingley.

Beautiful St Michael’s

Not sure why Heston has a bottle of Bucks Fizz!

At our main Easter Service Heston took us on a quick run through of the whole Bible (again!) from Genesis to Revelation stopping at every point that a river or a sea separated God’s people from where God intended them to be and, as you can see from the photos, we had a visual representation with a ground sheet liberally sprinkled with water!

The people of Israel cross the River Jordan

“It was so wide!”

So many times God has led His people from a place of separation to a place of relationship with Himself, so many times the people have had to cross the waters that divide. But the Easter story tells of that division being crossed once and for all by Jesus, no more slavery in foreign lands, no more wandering in the wilderness. And the vision or Revelations where there is no more sea to divide (Rev.21).

Thank you Heston for a memorable (and slightly wet) Easter service and Casper for singing such a beautiful song.

A Prayer for Good Friday

Irony of all ironies,

you call us worth it—

the lifetime of listening

and healing

and teaching the world

that everything is different than we thought it was.

There was something about you there on that cross, that Good Friday.

Jesus, may we spend the rest of our days trying to find out what exactly it was.


– Excerpt from “A Prayer for Good Friday”