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A prayer on Earth Day

Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day

Heavenly Father,
You have taught us, through your servant St Francis,
That all creation is your handiwork.
Grant us your grace that we may
Exercise wise stewardship of this Earth;
Tread lightly upon it;
And cherish its resources;
That our children may enjoy its riches, throughout all generations,
And your name be glorified through all that you have made.

A Lament for the Climate and Ecological Emergency

Second Hand September

The average lifespan for an item of clothing is 3.3 years. A whopping 336,000 tonnes of used clothing are sent to landfill every year in the UK. 

Second Hand September

Last year Oxfam launched Second Hand September as a way of helping us move towards more sustainable consumption. This year one of the ways in which we can help to Build Back Better is to buy only second hand clothes for the month of September. In fact, to buy second hand for many things. Or perhaps to declutter some of those overfilled wardrobes and donate some of your surplus to charity!

World Environment Day 2020

Today is World Environment Day and the theme is Time For Nature.

We are part of Nature and to look after ourselves we must look after Nature.

What are you doing to take care of Nature and yourself?

Take time today to think about how your life and Nature are intertwined and how you are dependent on the rest of Nature.

And why not share your thoughts here?

Lent Pledges

This Lent why not take a pledge to try and reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet? The Diocese of Leeds has a Climate Vision 10 pledges with tips on how to try and achieve them at

And if you want to take Pledge 1 have a look at

Climate Change: heartache and hope

A service bringing together Christians from across Leeds to reflect, lament and take action in care of the planet in the face of a climate crisis is taking place at St George’s Church on Monday 30th March at 6:30pm. There will be space to lament what we are losing, prayers for the future and workshops to engage in actions alongside others.

Arrive from 6.15pm to grab a cuppa. The service, which will include break out time for workshops, will start at 6.30pm and finish by 8.30pm. Please book here.

There will be workshops on:

  • Local church responses – exploring what local churches can do
  • Civil disobedience – exploring how we can get involved in direct action
  • Craftivism -exploring how we can use positive and encouraging forms of activism to make a change
  • Advocacy – exploring how we can make our voice heard to those in power
  • A quiet reflective space instead of a workshop

Carbon Conversations Taster Session

The Leeds Faith for Climate Action Group are running a Carbon Conversations Taster Session. If you are concerned about your own personal carbon footprint but find it difficult to make a change then why not come along to the Leeds Church Institute on Tuesday 25th February at 6:30pm. Please book by emailing

Climate and Travel

Leeds Methodist Mission and is hosting an evening of learning and reflection on Thursday 27th February about how we can all make more sustainable travel choices.

From our daily commute to our summer holiday, we all make choices about how we travel and this has an impact on the planet.

We are invited to an evening discussing the challenges and joys of trying to make more sustainable, carbon light choices. Everyone is welcome, whether you fly weekly or haven’t flown for 10 years.

As part of our everyday activism events we always take some small positive actions to encourage systemic change and this will be no different.

There will be food from 6pm and content from 6.30pm, finishing by 8.30pm. Please book here.

Protect. Restore. Fund.

At this time of Creationtide, and on this day when hundreds of thousands are striking around the globe and taking time to protest about the way we are trashing God’s Creation, let us all take time to think about our part in defending #naturenow.

Here is a video by the amazing Greta Thunberg and the pretty amazing George Monbiot!

Creation Liturgy

The following video is made using part of the liturgy that we use at All Hallows during Creation Season.

In the Beginning

Voice 1: In the beginning, God created.

Voice 2: God spoke, and created the heavens and the earth; light and darkness, day and night; land and sea; sun, moon and stars.

And God saw that it was good.

Voice 1: In the beginning, God created.

Voice 2: God spoke, and plants grew: trees and shrubs, flowers and fruit. And God saw that it was good.

Voice 1: In the beginning, God created.

Voice 2: God spoke again, and the seas filled with fish, birds flew in the sky, and animals of all kinds roamed the earth.

And God saw that it was good.

Voice 1: In the beginning, God created.

Voice 2: God spoke, and created human beings, men, women and children, created in the image of God, given the world to care for.

God saw everything that God had made, and indeed it was very good.


But we have forgotten to care for the world.

In our mindlessness we are ravaging the earth, poisoning the air, polluting the water.

We are destroying our fellow creatures and ourselves.

God our maker, so move us by the wonder of creation

that we repent and care more deeply.

So move us to grieve the loss of life

that we learn to cherish and protect your world.

(Music used by permission: “O Radiant Dawn” by James MacMillan sung by the St Peter’s Singers on their album One Equal Music)