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Plastic Free July

Today sees the start of Plastic Free July. The aim is to encourage us to look at our lives and how we use plastic so that we can reduce the use and throw away. Plastic is a fantastic material but we often treat it as a material that we can use once and throw away without worrying about where it came from, where it goes to or the impact it has on the environment.

Why not visit the Plastic Free July website, sign up and see what a difference you can make?

Plastic Free July

So, how are your attempts to reduce the use of single use plastics going?

  • Have you signed up for Plastic Free July?
  • Have you identified simple ways to reduce your dependence on plastics?
  • Has it been easy or difficult?
  • Can you see a measurable difference?
  • Does it make you feel any better? How do you feel a out it?
  • Give us your thoughts and experiences below!
  • The Church of England’s Lent Plastic Challenge

    The Church of England’s Lent Plastic Challenge was widely reported in the media yesterday, such as this BBC report. Here is a link to the Plastic Free Lent sheet. If you are taking part why not share your experience and thoughts and encourage each other via our website comments or Facebook page.