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Church Closed 7th – 10th November

All Hallows Church will be CLOSED for essential maintenance work from Monday 7th November to Thursday 10th November inclusive.
We will re-open on Friday 11th November but there will be no cafe that day however the RAINBOW BISTRO will be OPEN in the evening from 7.30pm till 9.30pm.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Traidcraft stall at All Hallows


Since setting up the Traidcraft stall in Summer 2015 members of All Hallows have spent almost £2,000 and by doing so have generated over £250 income for the church.

Not only have we bought lovely goods which have done all sorts of good (good working conditions; good wages; good relationships), but it is allowing All Hallows to continue to do good too – win win, so keep shopping at the Traidcraft stall, every Sunday after the service 🙂

Guardian article

Today the Guardian published a series of articles about welcoming refugees – and TRJFP@AH was included!

Read the article here!

Rev Stanley Baxter

We are very sad to announce that Stanley Baxter died yesterday. Stanley was wife of Elizabeth, and vicar of All Hallows in the 19990s. Since then, for the last twenty plus years, they have pioneered and run Holy Rood House a centre for theology, health and pastoral care.

Much will be written about Stanley. He last came to us for Heston’s welcome, but I knew him from intermittent visits to the house for retreat, inspiration to start a career in art therapy, and for a radically inclusive vision of the church, healing and mental health. When I visited recently, Stan was still in action, teaching passionately his lifetime convictions from the Bible. These Bible studies have been recorded, and will eventually be available as booklets. As always, he was keen to hear news of All Hallows, and we owe him a debt of huge gratitude and thankfulness for the foundations he laid for us. Last year he was at Greenbelt!Stanley will be sadly missed. Please pray for his family, and all at Holy Rood.

His funeral will be on September 5th, of which details later.

School assembly – with a vicar & an imam

Heston and Adam took the assembly at St Matthias CE Primary School this week. For further details see the WYAD news.

Heston and Adam


We All Love Hyde Park!

Leeds Grand MosqueWe had an exciting meeting at Leeds Grand Mosque the other day, to plan a few ways to serve God and Hyde Park together into 2016 with the Mosque leaders and local police.

Advent and Christmas “happenings”

We are now officially in Advent! Christmas is coming! And lots of things will be happening at All Hallows’ over the next month. Here are just some of the highlights – please keep an eye on our events calendar as well to see all of the activities.

advent and christmas schedule

Candlelight vigil

A candlelight vigil is to be held outside Leeds Town Hall at 4pm today in solidarity and in memory of more than 127 people who were killed and over 300 wounded in the series of attacks in Paris.

Raja speaks

From the Friends of Raja and Mahmoud Facebook page

Raja’s not allowed on Facebook in Yarl’s Wood but here is a message posted on her behalf:

“I am so happy and delighted at the way so many people have supported me. I thank everybody who has spoken out for me from the bottom of my heart. I run out of words to thank you enough. God bless you and God bless the people of Britain. Britain is a democratic country where there is justice and human rights and people can speak out for what they believe in as you have just shown by doing it for me. My dream is that one day we will be able to do the same across the Arab world.”

Let us join with Raja in dreaming and praying for a future world of full of God’s peace and justice.

Good news and a massive thank you!

24 Jun 2015 — The judge has ruled that the forced removal of Raja and Mahmoud scheduled for tomorrow cannot go ahead!

Slightly earlier Qatar Airways had said they wouldn’t fly them anyway!

Amazing news and massive massive thanks to everyone who has pulled together and brought this about. Raja was in tears of joy and relief hearing the news and hopefully will sleep tonight for the first time in a while!

This is just the start of the legal fight though because the permission hearing was not done today – it ended up only being about whether the removal should go ahead. We are now awaiting a date for a permission hearing to see whether a judicial review can be made on the case so please keep in touch as we will need all the support we can get.

Thanks so so so much everyone for your support!

More information on the Friends of Raja and Mahmoud Facebook page