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Where’s Wally – Sadaqa Day

In this great action shot from Makkah Mosque yesterday… You get 10 points each for finding:

  • Amanda
  • Andrea
  • Chris
  • Emma
  • Mandy
  • Sarah
  • Sheraz
  • and 50 points if you can spot Thor!

sadaqa day

Faithful Neighbours

Our generous and wonderful Muslim neighbours are at it again – we’ve been invited to another party! Shall we walk down together after Sunday worship??

ahlulbayt mosque invitation

We All Love Hyde Park!

Leeds Grand MosqueWe had an exciting meeting at Leeds Grand Mosque the other day, to plan a few ways to serve God and Hyde Park together into 2016 with the Mosque leaders and local police.

5 Pillars of Islamophobia

Several Muslim friends have asked us along to this event, which looks insightful and interesting. Your vicar is going to accept the invitation- will anyone come with me?? 🙂


Cornershop Capers

Your vicar has just spent an amazing day ‘on duty’ in the local cornershop (Noshi Food Store) next to Leeds Grand Mosque. I was welcomed- and put to work- by the friendly and wonderful Naveed and Arif (whose smile you might recognise in this pic)


Lots of local encounters and conversations, lots of new friends, lots of heavy lifting and lots of mango – what a joy, praise the Lord 🙂

Marvellous Methodist Morning

Yesterday we were warmly welcomed by the Hyde Park Methodists, for a joint service of Baptism and Holy Communion. We had a great time, singing Wesley hymns, getting the Methodists hooked on Rachel’s wonderful Bread of Life, and sharing the Cup of Blessing shot-glass-style 🙂

2015-08-16 11.48.07

Over coffee and pub lunch afterwards, several folks reminisced about our two churches regularly worshipping and serving the parish together. We all thought more of that would be a good thing. And so- striking while the iron is hot- they’re returning the visit this coming Sunday at All Hallows! Hurray and halleluyah.


Here is Ben’s brief brilliant sermon:

In light of today’s reading I want to think about what it means to be a Christian.

What it means for us to be here, together, witnessing a baptism and participating in communion.

From the outset, such thinking seems to be a complex and daunting task.

Am I going to have to unpack what the author of John means by eternal life?

Does the meaning of Christian faith in this passage rest upon Jesus’ promise to raise people on the last day and our belief in that?

As important and interesting as these themes may be, I think there is a simpler, more immediate truth for us to find.

The voice that speaks to me from this narrative is not in fact that of Jesus. It is the words of the disputing audience members which have a particular effect:

How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

This question relates to the meaning of Christianity because it relates to the meaning of Jesus.

How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

The giving of his flesh to eat is self-sacrifice, selflessness, self-giving-love. How can he do this? Because that is what he represents and is and therefore what God represents and is.

The famous German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote that ‘the transcendent is not infinite and unattainable tasks, but the neighbour who is within reach in any given situation.’

To repeat: ‘the transcendent is not infinite and unattainable tasks, but the neighbour who is within reach in any given situation.’

Regardless of creed, colour, background or belief, God is to be experienced in the neighbour who is within reach. Being there only for others, giving one your flesh, is what it means to be a Christian.

The world is kept alive by such meaning and for us it is affirmed in the rituals of baptism and communion.

The openness, equalizing effect and unity of these practices, here in this Church today, dissolve our differences and allow our neighbour to be heard.

More tea, Imam??

abdur rahman

This comes with greetings from our friendly neighbourhood Imam! Meet Abdur Rahman, from the Makki Masjid next door. We’ve just been round for afternoon tea (Bangladeshi style- samosas and bhajis YUM) with him and his wife Labeebah.

They send their prayers and best wishes y’all – let’s pray for them too…

Unity Day shenanigans

Halleluyah and hurray! Together with our Hyde Park church neighbours, today we got to share GOOD NEWS (and sweeties and prayers) at Unity Day:

2015-07-25 12.47.36

If only we had a penny for every time that sign was photographed!

Environmental Action Day

Leeds City Council are organising an Environmental Action Day in our area this Tuesday – why not go along, give a hand and meet other local people. And come to the cafe at lunch time!

Hyde Park action day

The Feast of Life – Ramadan style!

We’ve been invited to a Community Iftar at the Makkah Mosque, next Sunday evening 12 July. I’ll be going and looking forward to it very much. Anyone fancy joining me??

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