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Sunday Worship 24 January 2021

This morning we had the third in our six week series,“God With Us” and Karin shared her thoughts with us about how God can be with us through prophets, then and now. Our readings were from Jonah 1: 1-3; 3: 1-5 and v.10 and John 3: 16-21

Heston and Lydia led us in our worship from the freezing cold church building but they were accompanied by a number of other people who had recorded music and readings. If you would like to contribute something to the a service – video, audio (or maybe in some other way!) then please do get in touch – we may be physically distanced but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take part!

Sunday Worship 17 January 2021

This morning we had the second in our six week series, “’God With Us’: Angels and Aha! Moments”, looking at how we can continue to experience the Christmas message in the struggles of our daily lives.

Heston and Lydia led us in our worship and Pippa shared with us some thoughts about “Angels” as symbols of the moments when we feel God with us, with the help of some famous drawings and paintings (see the slide show below the video for a better view of these artworks).

We continue to share our Sunday worship with the minimum number of people physically together but we want to involve as many people in the service itself via recordings – music, readings, prayers. If you wish to help out in our service then do please contact us.

Sunday Worship 10 January 2021 – Epiphany

Our service this morning was led by Graham, Heston and Lydia as we reduce the number of people in church to live stream our service but we actually had far more people participating via videos recorded earlier.

Christ, our light, shine upon us and guide us,
Christ, as a shield, protect and cover us,
in light defeating darkness,
in wisdom conquering foolishness,
in trust overcoming fearfulness.
The light of Christ has come into the world:
A light no darkness can overcome.
Let us go and shine Christ’s light in the world:
To the glory of God. Amen.

Sunday Worship 3 January 2021 – Second Sunday after Christmas

This morning Heston lead us in our worship as we thought about “Building lives where Love can dwell”. This included encouraging us to do our annual “spiritual MOT” which you can read more about here.

Sunday Worship 27 December 2020 – First Sunday after Christmas

Christmas Day Service at All Hallows’

With apologies for the hiccoughs in the streaming!

Sunday Worship 20 December 2020

Welcome to our service on the fourth Sunday in Advent led by Jan and Heston with Heston sharing his thoughts on Mary and “waiting”

Sunday Worship 13 December 2020

Welcome to our service on the third Sunday in Advent led by Sam and Heston with Paul sharing his thoughts on “waiting”

Sunday Worship 6 December 2020

Welcome to our service on the second Sunday in Advent led by Jackie and Heston with Katharine-Alice sharing her thoughts on “waiting”

Sunday Worship 29 November 2020

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the first Sunday of the Church’s calendar, the last Sunday of Lockdown 2 and All Hallows’ APCM. Looking back at the last year and a half times have been very difficult but we also have a lot to rejoice about. Please join us in our recorded service from this morning to find out how we are caught in a strange world of rejoicing and waiting, of sorrow and of hope.