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Sunday 16th December

This Sunday is the third Sunday in Advent and is also known as Gaudete Sunday or Rose Sunday – you can read more on Wikipedia or by using Google. Gaudete is the Latin word for Rejoice, and this Sunday is going to be full of rejoicing as we have an “All Hallows’ has got talent” event and a Sacred Wing concert in the evening. This Sunday’s meeting starts at 10:30am and everyone is welcome to come and rejoice and have fun with us.

Sunday 9th December

This Sunday is the second Sunday in Advent, traditionally a time to think and reflect on prophets and their message that we need to change our ways as God’s Kingdom of Justice and Peace is near. In these times of fear, uncertainty, doubt, despair, Brexit and Climate Chaos it is definitely a time to pause and reflect on how we live and how our lives affect the rest of God’s amazing creation.

This Sunday we will be meeting at 10:30am and Toby Parsons will be sharing his thoughts with us. After the main service there will also be time for Messy Church and a meeting of the Environment Group.

Sunday 2nd December 2018

This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent, a time of longing for Christmas, a time of longing for the coming of Jesus. We will be meeting at 10:30am and Jan Betts will be sharing her thoughts on the meaning of Advent.

As Saturday is World Aids Day we will also be remembering and praying for all those who suffer as a result of AIDS.

It is also the first Sunday of the month so will be having a shared lunch together, do bring some food to share if you can.

Sunday 25th November 2018

This Sunday is All Hallows’ “Vision Sunday”. We will be meeting as usual at 10:30am and spending our time thinking about what sort of church community we are and want to be. We will be thinking and praying about all that we do, what we would like to do and where we might focus our energies. But it is not all about doing, it is also about being! Hayley Matthews will be leading us in our thinking.

There will be a shared meal after the meeting so that we can continue to talk and think together so do please bring some food with you if you are able along with your hopes and dreams!

Sunday 18th November 2018

After last week’s Remembrance Day travels, this Sunday we will be meeting at All Hallows’ at 10:30am when Heston will be leading us in thinking about looking after ourselves as well as loving one another. If we are called to love others as we love ourselves then we do need to be able to love ourselves in the first place. Some of us may find that difficult but fortunately God doesn’t!

We will also have an extra service at 6:30pm at All Hallows’ with a focus on healing.

Sunday 11th November 2018

This Sunday morning (Remembrance Sunday 11 November) we are going to join Methodist, Muslim, Jewish and other friends, to observe the 11am Remembrance silence and to learn about Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh contributions to the wars.

Please head to Hyde Park Methodist church (2 minutes walk from All Hallows) for 10:30am. If you’d like to walk as a group from All Hallows then please be there for about 10:15am. After a short worship service with a 2 minute silence at 11am we will ‘peace march’ together to Leeds Grand Mosque (2 doors down) to conclude Remembrance and share refreshments.

This promises to be really special time together so do please try and join with us as we remember all those who have suffered as a result of war.

Sunday 4th November 2018

The beautiful ofrenda that we built last Sunday will be the focus of our meeting this Sunday morning at 10:30am, so please bring a photo or special memento of someone important to you who has died to place onto the ofrenda in celebration and remembrance of them.

We are also hosting St Michael’s and St Chad’s to mark our ‘church birthday’ (or patronal festival) of All Hallows’ so do please bring some food to share with them over lunch if you are able.

Sunday 28th October 2018

This Sunday morning at 10:30am we will be continuing our short series where we look at “The Body of Christ at All Hallows: what kind of Body do we want to be?“, and this week the title of our service is “A body which loves God?” Why not come and join us as we try to discover what it means for us as we try to follow the way of Jesus in loving God.

As we are approaching Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) we are having some special events to remember “All the Hallows”, all the saints, who we have loved and lost. In the afternoon at 3pm we will be watching the movie Coco followed by pizza at about 5pm (please let us know if you want some).

At 6pm join us to build an Ofrenda, remember and grieve our lost loved ones, and contemplate Life and Death in a creative hopeful way. Please bring something to place on the Ofrenda, as we honour All the ‘Hallows’ we have loved and lost. This could be a photo, a candle, a favourite toy or cd or food or drink – anything that will help you remember in love.

You can read and hear more about the Mexican tradition of Ofrenda building on the LCI website.

Don’t forget! The clocks go back at the weekend so you can have an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning!

Sunday 21st October 2018

Last Sunday we finished our exploration of the Gospel of Luke. This Sunday we will be having an all-age service with a baptism. We will be starting a new short series where we look at “The Body of Christ at All Hallows: what kind of Body do we want to be?“, and this week the title of our service is “A body which values all – and so is shaped by all?

Why not come and join us as we dip into the books of Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians and try to discover what it means for us all to exercise our complementary gifts of the Spirit to the benefit of all.

Sunday 30th September

This Sunday we will NOT be meeting at All Hallows! St Michael’s Church in Headingley are celebrating their “Patronal Festival” and so we will be joining them for their 10am meeting when The Rev Hayley Matthews will be sharing her thoughts and this will be followed by a bring and share lunch.

Patronal Festivals are seen as the birthday of any particular church and are often celebrated on the Sunday nearest to the day dedicated to the Saint the church is named after. St Michael’s Day is on 29th September and so St Michael’s are celebrating this Sunday. All Hallows is another way of saying All Saints and All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) is on 1st November so we usually celebrate our Patronal Festival or church birthday on the nearest Sunday. Halloween is a short form of All Hallows eve, the day before All Hallows Day which is why Halloween in on 31st October!