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Sunday 29 November

This Sunday is Advent Sunday, the first Sunday in the church calendar and our APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) or as we like to think of it, the Annual Party for Church Members which has been much delayed due to the pandemic. We will be reflecting on the past year, celebrating God working in and through us, and making some important decisions about the year ahead.

Our worship service will be on Facebook Live at 10:30am as usual followed by the APCM on Zoom at 11.30-12.15pm. If you haven’t received the annual report or the link to the Zoom meeting by email then please contact us via the website contact page. Heston says “It’s a party so bring cake y’all!”

Sunday 15 November – InterFaith Week

Sunday 15 November is the last day of Inter Faith Week, a week that has focussed on increasing understanding and cooperarion between our different faith communities. This Sunday we are thrilled to be able to welcome Imam Qari Asim, from Makkah Mosque Leeds, and Rabbi Paul Moses Strasko, from Sinai Synagogue, to our 10.30am worship service on Facebook Live . If you have any questions for Heston, Qari or Paul do please send them to Heston.

The service will be followed by a socially distanced Zoom cafe meeting – details will be on the Facebook chat.

Sunday 8 November – Remembrance Sunday

This Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and at 10:30am via Facebook Live our remembrance service will be led by Hayley Matthews. Our readings will be from Amos 5:18-24, 1 Timothy 2:1-7 and John 15:9-17.

Unfortunately, due to the new lockdown restrictions we are unable to have anyone in church other than those who are involved in the live streaming of the service but we hope that you are able to join with us via Facebook Live and for Zoom tea or coffee afterwards – details will be in the chat during the service.

Sunday 25 October

On Sunday at 10:30am via Facebook Live we will be continuing our Creation Series of The Rhythm of Life and the theme this week is RESTING. This has obviously been planned well in advance because the clocks go back overnight on Saturday / Sunday so you can have an extra hour in bed resting before the service! Anna Bland will be sharing her thoughts with us on resting – you can read more of her work on this blog – and Heston will be leading us in our worship.

There are a limited number of spaces at church each week if you wish to attend – please contact Heston (details here) if you wish to attend – but there are an almost unlimited number of spaces if you wish to join us via Facebook Live. If you wish to follow along with the words used you can find them on our service sheet.

Rare photo at Stonehenge, staff moving clocks back one hour.

Sunday 20 September

This Sunday we’re thrilled to welcome Marvina Newton as guest preacher- to tell us all about Black Lives Matter Leeds and how we can be better Black Lives Matter Leeds allies

Do join us at 10.30am on All Hallows Church, Leeds Facebook Live if you’d like to join us / eavesdrop!

We will be continuing our Creation Series of The Rhythm of Life and the theme this week is SERVING. The angle for us will be ‘How can we better SERVE Leeds’ People of Colour as allies?’ Our readings will be from 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 and Matthew 5:6

Sunday 13 September 2020

“Be like your father in heaven above who causes his sun to shine on evil and good and sends down his rain to quench all our thirst. In him we live and move and have our being.”

Based on Matthew 5:43+

This Sunday we will be continuing Creation Time with the next in our series “Rhythms of Life” and we will be looking at sharing. The Bible tells us how God has shared his creation with us, throughout the old Testament we see how God shares what is good with his people, all his people. Jesus told us that our Father in heaven causes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on all people: good, evil, black, white, brown, all people. And Jesus calls us to be like Him, to share all of creation with all people, to love our enemies and pray for those who hurt us, to give to those who ask and not to turn them away.

In our Sunday worship at 10:30am a few of us will be gathered at a safe distance from each other in the church building. We invite you all to share in the live streamed service via Facebook Live. The emergency rules have stopped us all from singing together in one space but there is no reason why we can’t sing God’s praises in our own homes! In our service our musicians will be leading us in our singing so do please join in! It doesn’t matter if you sing in tune or not, whether you can keep the beat or not, just open your mouths and sing God’s praise! (If you need a copy of the words then please contact us)

After the service we will have the opportunity to have a Zoom meeting in our virtual cafe so bring along your real tea and coffee! The link will be shared in the comments on Facebook Live.

We will also be celebrating Racial Justice Sunday.

Here is the order of service.

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Sunday 6 September – Creation Season

September means Creation Season in the church year. Through the coming weeks, we will change our rhythm of worship (moving live-stream worship into church), and we will consider our Rhythm of Life.

Beginning this Sunday with REFLECTING: What kind of church + disciples are we? and what kind of church + disciples would we like to become as we cautiously start emerging from lockdown:

Which aspects of life/worship are vitally important to us??

Which would we be happy to change or let go?

What would we like All Hallows to look like in 5 years time??

Do join us at 10:30am on Facebook Live as we start Creation Season with Reflection.

You can follow or join in with our service using our service sheet:

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Sunday 30 August 2020

Acts, chapter 28: Paul reaches Rome

We’re reaching the end of our journey through the book of Acts.  This Sunday at 10:30am on Facebook Live we will journey with Paul from Malta to Rome, the centre of the known world at the time of Acts. We’ll hear how Paul spent two years welcoming all who came to him and sharing the gospel with them. And we’ll think about how we’re called to continue that story today.  

And here is the service sheet:

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Sunday 2 August 2020

This Sunday is Pride Sunday!

Unfortunately we can’t all gather together and celebrate our glorious diversity so we will be celebrating online – diverse and dispersed!

Do join us for our 10:30am service on Facebook Live as Katherine-Alice Grasham will be sharing her thoughts on the story of Peter’s dream and it’s consequences in Acts 10-15. Heston and Lydia will be leading us in our worship and there will be an opportunity after the service to meet together via Zoom.

Meanwhile, enjoy Blessing – Pride 2020 and see if you can spot any familiar faces!

Sunday 26 July 2020

Do join us this Sunday on Facebook Live at 10:30am as we continue our virtual travels through the book of Acts, travelling with St Paul on the Damascus Road and then heading into the desert – in the footsteps of Jesus and Moses and Elijah and saints of all faiths and times.

The desert is an extreme place – of survival and life and death. A place for thinking of our dear Clare 💔❤

The desert is a silent place, a place for shutting out all the non-stop words and images and noise and busy-ness we’re bombarded with in daily life.

The desert has therefore always been a place for finding God. or more accurately, a place where we can be more easily “found by God”.

Heston and Lydia will be leading us in our worship and there will be an opportunity after the service to meet together for tea, coffee or other beverages via Zoom!